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Infiniti PRO by Conair® Curl Secret® is changing the way the world curls hair. This revolutionary new curl styler features top technologies, innovative engineering, and an automatic curl chamber — the Curl Secret® secret behind the perfect curl!
Additional Features
  • 30-second instant heat
  • High-performance heater
  • Safety tangle-free feature
  • Sleep-mode function
  • Motion detector
  • Auto off
  • Includes easy-twist barrel cleaner
  • U.S. Patents 8,607,804; 8,651,118; and 8,733,374
    and other U.S. and foreign Patents Pending.
Tourmaline Ceramic Curl Chamber
Gently draws in hair, then times it and
heats it from all directions to effortlessly form
one perfect, shiny curl after another.
Professional Brushless Motor
Built for longer life and precision
styling performance. Safety sensor
ensures tangle-free operation.
Hair Guide
V-shaped groove in center of chamber perfectly positions hair.
Three Timer Settings
Let you effortlessly create
just the curls you want:
loose, medium or tighter.
Two Heat Levels
Work with timer to customize
curls for a variety of styles.
Sight and Sound Indicators
Ready light and auto beep indicators make perfect results foolproof.
Two Professional Heaters
Heat hair from all directions while inside curl chamber.
These simple Curl Secret® How-To directions show you how easy it is to create one perfect curl after another. The secret is our automatic curl chamber that draws hair in, then heats, holds and times it. Use Curl Secret® to create the curls and styles you love!
Getting Started:
  • Comb through clean, dry hair so it is smooth and free of tangles
  • Work with 1/2 in. – 1 in. sections (longer hair requires smaller sections)
  • Wait for red blinking light to remain solid before starting
  • IMPORTANT: Ensure the opening of the curl chamber is always facing toward your head
1. Wait for red temperature
light to stop blinking.
Light blinks during heat-up;
remains solid when temperature is
reached and unit is ready to curl.
Curl chamber must face head Curl chamber 2. Position hair in unit with 
curl chamber towards head.
With curl chamber opening facing head, place a ½- to 1-inch section of hair into "V" hair guide.
3. Close handles.
Hair goes in.
Hair is automatically drawn
into the curl chamber,
heated, held and timed. Steady beeps indicate curl is forming.
4. Open handles.
Curls come out!
When a rapid succession of beeps sounds, your curl is ready! Open handles to release a perfect, shiny curl. Hair goes in. Curl comes out.™
Correct curl chamber position Incorrect curl chamber position
Anti-tangle feature:
Curl Secret is safe and easy to use when used properly.
However, should improper use occur, the anti- tangle feature
has been designed to immediately stop drawing the hair in
and reverse to a neutral position. Simply open the handles
and ease hair out of the curl chamber.
These Curl Secret® Videos let you see this revolutionary new styler in action! Hair Goes In, Curls Come Out® — one after another. Creates any type of curl on any type of hair for endless styling options. Fabulous new looks happen in seconds with Infiniti PRO by Conair® Curl Secret®.
(0:30) Discover Infiniti PRO by Conair® Curl Secret®(4:41) Curl Secret® How-To(1:00) Curl Secret® wows top beauty editors(0:30) Curl Secret® wows first-time users(1:05) Anybody can use Curl Secret®(1:07) Daddy does hair!
The answers to many frequently asked questions about Curl Secret® are right here! Find out more about Infiniti PRO by Conair's revolutionary new curl styler.
How do I prep my hair to achieve the best curls?
Just make sure your hair section is clean, dry and combed, then hold it straight as you place it into the hair guide in the curl chamber.
How do I know when Curl Secret® is ready to use?
When you turn on the power, the red indicator light will flash. Once it becomes solid, the temperature has reached its set point and Curl Secret® is ready to use.
Is there a certain way I have to hold the Curl Secret®?
Yes. The opening of the curl chamber must face toward your head. Once you do your first curl, you'll see how that works.
I have long hair; could it get tangled in the curl chamber?
Curl Secret® built in an added safety feature to make sure it doesn't! The styler actually stops if it senses a tangle. Just release the strand and start over.
Can I use styling products on my hair with the Curl Secret®?
Yes. As with traditional styling appliances, you can use styling products with Curl Secret®. Any residue can be removed with the easy-twist chamber cleaner.
I have curly or textured hair. Is Curl Secret® a good styling option for me?
Absolutely! Curl Secret® creates the perfect curl on any hair type or texture, one after another. And the tourmaline ceramic adds incredible shine.
When Curl Secret® is in sleep mode, how does it return to set temperature?
To wake the styler from sleep mode, simply press the handles closed and open. The red indicator light will turn solid, indicating that Curl Secret® is ready to use.
How can I clean inside the curl chamber of the Curl Secret®?
We've provided an easy-twist chamber cleaning tool. It's simple. You just slip it into the curl chamber and rotate it by twisting the handle.
Find out what everyone is saying about Infiniti PRO by Conair® Curl Secret®!
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